How Does COVID-19 Affect Vaping Business

Unless you have been living under a rock the past few months you have probably heard about COVID-19, or the coronavirus.

As of March 2020, there is no evidence that vaping directly increases the risk of getting COVID-19. However, it is important to consider how you can best manage your health and prevent spreading the virus to others. If you currently use e-cigarettes, think about your reasons for vaping and whether quitting might benefit you. This resource gives information on the risks associated with e-cigarettes, and tips for quitting or reducing vaping during the pandemic.

This current pandemic causes mild symptoms for most, but for a few unfortunate souls they may encounter more serious symptoms, and perhaps even death.

There are some who say that vaping could increase the risk of developing these severe symptoms, but is this correct? How will this pandemic affect the vaping industry as a whole?


Does Vaping Increase The Risk Of COVID-19?


There have been some sensationalist headlines in the tabloids stating that vapers that could be spreading the virus through the vapour, but this has been debunked by experts.

What is clear is that both smoking and vaping can increase the likelihood of suffering more severe coronavirus symptoms.

It has been discovered that those who suffer from smoking-related diseases like obstructive pulmonary disease have raised the death rate for corona virus.

Research has also found that smokers have higher levels of the ACE2 enzyme, with these extra entry points making smokers more susceptible to infection.

but smoking can lower your lung’s immune response, which will leave you more vulnerable to infection in general.

In a study on vaping, it was shown that e-cigarettes can disrupt an important lipid layer found in your lungs. This causes pathogens to be trapped, which can leave you more at risk of infection.

But other research has found that the vapour found in e-cigs can weaken cilia. These are tiny hair-like projections that clear your lungs of mucus and pathogens.


Are Vape Shops Still Open?

While restaurants, gyms and leisure centres have been closed while the general public have been placed under lockdown, many vape shops have been allowed to stay open.

This is because they have been deemed necessary to prevent people relapsing to smoking. Cigarettes are still available to the public, as the supermarkets have remained open during this crisis.

Although many vape shops are still open, flavour testing and demo testing have had to cease for now in America.

You can still go into the vape shop to set up your vape devices, and to ensure your safety, extra sanitisation, cleansing and practicing good hygiene will be undertaken.

Staff will need to sanitise thoroughly after various tasks, including the beginning of each shift, and before and after handling any stock.

All points of human contact will also be cleaned and wiped down regularly and thoroughly, so all counter tops and door handles will be clean when you visit.

To reduce the risks of contracting COVID-19 you should also consider the following practices yourself:

  • Disinfect your own equipment
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often
  • Don’t share your vape with others
  • Look after your general health. A strong immune system will find it easier to fight off infection, so try to eat healthily, drink plenty of water, get regular exercise, and try to get a good night sleep
  • If you enjoy vaping and do not smoke, to quit vaping must be a personal choice not an obligation
  • Be discreet and do not call unwanted attention (bear in mind that these are difficult times and that a lot of non-vapers have been exposed to a lot of misinformation)
  • Avoid big clouds in public at all costs (even outdoors)
  • Use low powered devices whenever possible and when others are around. The risk of spreading the virus with discrete vaping in low powered devices is roughly equivalent to the risk of spreading it through normal sedentary breathing.
  • Avoid vaping in enclosed public spaces and try to keep at least 2 meters distance from others when vaping outdoors



Other Options To Buy Vape Products 

If you are worried about leaving your home during the coronavirus outbreak then there are options available to you.

Those with access to the internet will be able to order their supplies online with a few clicks.

This will ensure you are getting what you need while remaining safe from the virus.


COVID-19 will affect the vaping business, i believe there is nothing to stop you from continuing vaping.

Many vape shops are still open, and the new measures that have been put in place will ensure your safety while you buy. If you are afraid of venturing out then you could always opt for online orders as well.

If you vape do not revert to smoking (if you are a dual user try to become an exclusive vaper)


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