How to get the right accessories from Advken?

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How to replace vape tank glass?


owl tank

We’ve all been there when you are telling a great story and get too “into it” and quick motion of your hand sends your e-cig flying to the ground. No need to purchase a whole new vape tank, just grab an extra replacement glass tube for your vape tank when you purchase your Owl Tank or Dark Mesh Tank and you’ll never have to be without. Or, even if you aren’t all that accident prone, keeping a spare vape tank glass means you don’t have to wait for the mail system to deliver your package before you can vape again—plus, they come in some pretty great colors! If you’re not sure where to start, contact the Advken after-sale online or give us a ring to get the help you need finding the right vape accessories.

How many vape tank glass in Advken?

Advken has a variety of accessories for vape atomizer.
Such as mesh coil, straight glass, bubble glass, drip tip, and cotton.
Different products have corresponding accessories,
Today we will discuss the vape tank glass in Advken and show you how to choose the right glass for your Advken Atomizer (Tank/RTA)

Manta Tank Glass

manta tank glass
The beautiful honeycomb pattern is decorated with brilliant colors like a racing engine. That’s our Manta Tank.
This classic tank has one special feature: resin tube
VERY STRONG! Not easy breaking like glass tube, which made by high-quality resin, with very beautiful pattern.

Owl Tank Glass

owl tank glass
Top Airflow control, no leaking and avoiding condensation, adjustable airflow control, you decide the smoke just by turning AFC rings. Yeah, that’s Owl Tank, according to this most popular sub-ohm tank from Advken, who owns two types of glass tubes for vapors chosen.

-3ml straight glass tube
-4ml bubble glass tube
You can choose these two different capacity glass tubes to compatible your owl tank.

Owl Kit Glass

owl kit glass
The owl kit’s tank is similar to the owl tank, so many customers may be confused to choose a suitable one. They are different incapacity, and the shape has little difference.

-3ml bubble glass tube

cp tf glass

As the first top sliding RTA, CP TF RTA does short the refill time and making refilling is an easier thing. Besides, the top airflow control system, which is no leaking issue and avoiding condensation. The vaping feeling, like its logo “a smaller sun”, always gives the warm and necessary sunshine to everyone. Enjoy vape, enjoy the vape time with CP TF RTA.

That’s CP TF RTA, the most classic one, which owns two types of glass tubes for your chosen.

-3ml straight glass tube
-4ml bubble glass tube

Dark Mesh Tank

dark mesh glass
Dark mesh tank, with marble pattern resin drip tip and powerful airflow and big capacity, like a gorgeous noble knight. Dark Mesh Tank has a big glass.
-6ml fat boy glass tube

ADVKEN Mesh Coil

mesh coil

How long do you replace the coil for your sub-ohm tank?

Whether it is finished products or RBA DIY, the life of the atomizing core is not fixed, and the life span will be different depending on the user’s usage habits. The same atomizer, the same atomizing coil, some people may use half a month, and some people can only use three days. So what factors affect the life of the atomizing coil?

Factor one: POWER.
The atomizing core has a certain range of tolerable power and is usually marked on the outer casing of the atomizing core. For example, ADVKEN’s Mesh Coil is 0.2Ω/50-70W. This mark indicates that the finished atomization core has a resistance of 0.2Ω, and the official recommended optimum power is 50W-70W. Users can find their favorite taste in this power range to use.

If the output power set by the user is too high, the high temperature generated by the coil will excessively evaporate the e-liquid, and the surrounding cotton will not be able to replenish the e-liquid, which will burn the cotton, causing a paste taste, affecting the taste and taste.

Factor two: E-liquid.
The biggest impact of e-liquid on the life of the atomizing coil is “carbon deposit”. The e-liquid is transferred to the coil through the cotton, and the mist is heated by the coil, and a black substance is formed on the coil due to the high temperature, which is also known as “carbon deposit”. Although the basic components of e-liquid are the same, each brand of e-liquid raw materials and additives are different, it will cause the “carbon deposit” to produce different speeds. For example, “Malay e-liquid” is recognized as the “high carbon content” e-liquid because of the various characteristics of the flavor and the high sugar content in the e-liquid. There have been players who have used Malay e-liquid with a finished mouth atomizer to replace an atomizing core in 1-2 days.

Carbon deposits will affect the heating efficiency of the coil and the taste of the evaporated smoke, which will reduce the taste and performance of the atomizer. This carbon deposition phenomenon cannot be completely avoided by the limitation of the heating method, so the effect of carbon deposition on the life of the atomizing coil is much more.

ADVKEN Mesh Coil Option
Now we have 2 types of Advken Mesh Coil for Manta Tank, Owl Tank, and OWL Kit.

mesh coil

-0.16 ohm Best 50-70W Mesh Coil
-0.2 ohm Best 60-80W Mesh Coil

2 Type of Big Mesh Coil for Dark Mesh Tank

dark mesh coil

-0.15 ohm Big Mesh Single Mesh Coil
-0.15 ohm Big Mesh Triple Mesh Coil

All in all, we hope every one could get the right accessories from Advken. In the Future, Advken will also develop more and more options for our fans.
We are Advken, we will see.
Stop smoking, start vaping!

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